Volunteer Policy


Effective from 2017/18 season. To be reviewed March, 2018.


To give all current and potential members and committee members an understanding of the contribution every registered family must make towards the effective running of Kwinana Little Athletics Centre.

I. Policy Statement

Kwinana Little Athletics Centre is a volunteer-run organisation that requires substantial parental involvement to ensure our children have a safe and rewarding experience. It takes many volunteers throughout the season for our centre to run smoothly and efficiently and every registered family must do their part.

II. Procedure

There will be a dedicated seat on the committee for a Volunteer Coordinator who will oversee the below procedure:

A. In order to register for the upcoming season, families will need to complete a Nomination for Volunteer Position form.

1. Either one or both parents are to nominate the position for which they will make themselves available. The form MUST be complete BEFORE the registration is processed.

2. If a family has extenuating circumstances and is unable to volunteer, a Volunteer Exemption Request Form must be filled out and an exemption will be granted or denied by the committee. An exemption will need to be granted BEFORE the registration is processed.

B. The Volunteer Coordinator will create a cycle of rosters for three weeks at a time and these will be emailed out to families with advance notice.

1. Families must notify the Volunteer Coordinator if they are unable to attend their roster and an attempt must be made to find their own replacement.

C. Volunteers must sign in on competition day under their family name and the Volunteer Coordinator will keep a record of each time a family fulfils their roster.

1. If a volunteer does not show on the morning of their roster, the announcer will call for an emergency volunteer (this person should be given an exemption from the next roster).

D. The Volunteer Coordinator will also create rosters for events outside of normal competition days in which our athletes choose to compete and for which the centre is required to provide a specific number of volunteers, ie. Coastal Cup, Zones, State Championships, etc.

 III. Penalties

If families choose not to contribute to the effective running of our centre, the following penalties will apply:

A. A volunteer who does not fulfil their roster without prior warning or an attempt to find a replacement gets a strike against their family name and they will need to make up their time on the next roster.

1. Two strikes means the athletes in that family will be suspended from competition until contact is made by either parent and an agreement is made to make up time on the roster.

 B. If a family does not fulfil a minimum of three roster days during the course of the season, then the athletes in that family will not be able to attend the wind-up or be eligible for awards.