1. Competition starts at 8am sharp. All athletes must be signed in by 7.45am.
  2. Shoes are compulsory for all track and field events. See LAWA Code of Safety for spiked shoes.
  3. All competitors must be registered with LAWA.
  4. All competitors must be attending school at the time of registration. They must be 5 years of age before December 31st.
  5. All athletes must be attired in correct uniform at the commencement of the season, with registration numbers fastened securely on the front and age tag on left shoulder.
  6. Group leaders are responsible for their athletes being in the relevant marshalling area in preparation for the event; athletes arriving late will not be allowed to compete except with the permission of the arena manager.
  7. Events of 800m and over will be mass starts off a curved line with a maximum of 16 athletes (NO SPIKES ALLOWED).
  8. On completion of track events athletes must report to the track judge and then to the recorder. Failure to do this will result in forfeiture of both personal and club points.
  9. A competitor may leave a field event to complete a track event with the agreement of the site official present. On completion of the track event he/she must return to the field site and resume competing at the stage reached.
  10. Protests are to be submitted to the group assistant who will then submit it to the arena manager in writing (forms available). A protest committee consisting of three committee members will deal with the complaint on the day, or taken to the next committee meeting. A protest decision is final and no discussion will be entered into after the decision is made.
  11. Any misbehaviour by a competitor may result in suspension of the athlete from further competition. A written report will be submitted by an official to the arena manager. A decision on suspension will be made by the committee members present on the day by a majority vote.
  12. The committee and any of their site officials reserve the right to prevent an athlete from competing if they feel an athlete has unsafe footwear for the event.
  13. Program events can be cancelled or amended due to weather conditions at the discretion of the arena manager.
  14. Complaints on the day will be referred to the arena manager through the group Assistant (see 10 above).
  15. Rules for all events will be in accordance with those shown in the LAWA handbook and website.
  16. All accidents must be reported immediately to the arena manager. A written report must be submitted to the centre secretary to facilitate an insurance claim.
  17. Should there be only one athlete in any age group, the athlete should be able to compete in an older age group if they wish.
  18. The season program should be accepted as the program presented.
  19. Centre uniform is to be worn at all times.
  20. All athletes must complete 75% of all point scoring competition from October 1st of each season with the only exceptions being due to illness or injury. A note or medical certificate is to be submitted to the centre secretary. Medical certificates and notes must be submitted within one week of missing competition.
  21. To participate in the centre championships, an athlete must have competed at least three times in the event chosen during the season.
  22. The centre of the arena must be left clear at all times for field events. All children and adults, with the exception of officials and athletes actually competing in events, must not enter this area.
  23. Unless exceptional circumstances exist and approval of the centre executive has been obtained, only equipment provided by the centre may be used. Personal equipment, with the exception of personal attire and starting blocks, may not be used.
  24. No athlete may commence any trial, in any event, until the site official has given permission to do so.
  25. Safety rules must be observed at all times.